Process & Product Traceability Technologies

  • In order to achieve the best-in-class product traceability, FASB has developed a state-of-the-art process and product traceability technology called "Products Traceability Application System”.
  • This "Product Traceability Application System” is applicable to a wide range of products in food industry. The traceability system is a holistic tracking system, which cover from raw material supply, manufacturer, wholesaler, dealer, distributor till end consumers.
  • The traceability system is not only enable details tracking of each process steps in manufacturing environment but serve as an important platform to authenticate EBN.
  • EBN is a natural product, "surface texture” of every EBN is unique, it is similar to human fingerprint. FASB’s PTA system use this unique characteristic of EBN "surface texture” to authenticate the EBN products. Each piece of EBN is photo taking during the manufacturing process. The individual photo and product information is then saved in a server of the PTA system and will be downloaded by user to serve as "fingerprint” to authenticate the products they received.

燕窝生产 – 追溯系统,质讯整合
Product Traceability Application System (For Manufacturing Used Only)

By scanning a finish goods QR code, user is able to trace back all manufacturing processes till raw materials supply.


燕窝生产 – 追溯系统,质讯整合
Product Traceability Application System (Open To Public)