Enzyme Based Hybrid Cleaning Technologies

"EBN Nitrite (NO2) Level Reduction System”.

  • Due to the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and customers expectation of high quality and genuine EBN products, FASB has taken the initiative to develop a highly efficient Enzyme Based Aqueous Cleaning Process, which produce high quality EBN products.
  • FASB developed a EBN Nitrite (NO2) Level Reduction System, which applied a unique enzymatic, ultra-sonic, aqueous and other cleaning concept to effectively clean EBN’s nitrite. The Enzyme Based Hybrid Cleaning Technologies significantly and homogeneously reduce nitrite level in EBN.
  • The enzyme cleaning concept effectively bio-degrading the nitrite in EBN. Enzyme are non-toxic and effective for cleaning.
  • The "Enzyme Based Hybrid Cleaning Technologies” also enable FASB to provide EBN Nitrite Level Deduction Contract Manufacturing Services to others.

Concept of Enzymatic Cleaning

Enzymatic Process Research