EBN Products Contract Manufacturing Services [OBM or co-Branding Services]

  • FASB is a Malaysia based, CNCA/MOH/DVS certified Edible Bird Nest (EBN) products processing plant, who provides EBN Contract Manufacturing Services, Original-Brand-Manufacturing (OBM) Services and Co-Branding Manufacturing Services to customers.
  • In order to ensure FASB EBN products quality are exceeding industry standard, FASB has set up a purpose build processing facilities with many unique equipment. EBN are processed according to the standard practice of food certification to ensure every batch of processed EBN meets the requirements of international food hygiene standards. FASB perform stringent controls on the entire process, right from the removal of impurities, grinding, picking, moulding, drying and verification of the packaging to even the quality management. Every piece of EBN is treated by our Ultrasonic Cleaning System and Enzyme Based Hybrid Cleaning Technologies.
  • FASB use the best & purest bird's nest for the shaping of our EBN product. Our EBN product presents a healthy food to customers – a natural product, both in shape and colour, which is completely free from contaminants and additives. FASB processing centre has set very strict hygienic rules to ensure all FASB EBN are processed within a clean and safe environment.