EBN Farming & Consultation Services

  • FASB provide professional EBN farming consultation services to farmers or farm investors.
  • Swiftlet farms are designed by FASB professional designers to have the right temperature, humidity, equipment and safety measures for the living and breeding of the swiftlet.
  • FASB staff is well-trained to manage the swiftlet farms in accordance with the GAHP(Good Animal Husbandry Practice) and SALT (Skim Amalan Ladang Ternakan) standards to ensure the farms are clean and suitable for the living and breeding of swiftlets.
  • FASB practise the values of GAHP where we encourage farmers only harvest the bird’s nests after the young swiftlets have flown away. This is to ensure the continued breeding of swiftlets. In addition, we have engaged professionals to check and maintain the equipment regularly to ensure proper functioning, and to protect from encroachment by predatory animals so as not to affect the quality of the bird's nest.